Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

Ross Malpass

Is a digital designer, and cyclist from the North West of England.

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PETTs Martin Greenwood Memorial TT 2016

On a damp and gloomy June evening it was great to see almost double the number of riders turn up for the Martin Greenwood memorial time trial this year. It means so much to a ...

Nationals Retrospective Part II – Base training, learning a few lessons the hard way, and a chance meeting over a photograph of a bagel that turned it all around

Digging in on the final ramps of Great Dun Fell. I won here in 2013 but could only manage 2nd in 2014. By the time Hillclimb season rolled around in 2014 I was knackered. I ...

Nationals Retrospective Part I – Why did I want to place top ten in the 2015 National Hill Climb Championships?

I should start with an admission: I’m not a professional cyclist. I’m an addict. But that hasn’t stopped me from training, living, and eating as though I am one ...


5 Minutes In The Pain Cave

A quick roundup of my current personal power records (17 September, 2015)

On Letting Go. And Getting Lean With Carb Backloading


Instagram: The Black And White Edit

I’ve got a bit of a thing for taking black and white photographs at the minute. Here’s a small selection from my instagram feed. A photo posted by Ross Malpass ...

Working in Stockholm

I’m lucky enough to spend at least some weeks of the year working in a lovely office in Stockholm, Sweden. During my latest trip I made sure to take a few pictures. ...

A closer look at the new Segment Ninja UI

I’ve been hard at work to make using Segment Ninja as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in version 2. Over the past week ...


Power to weight ratio isn’t everything y’know.

I’ve written quite a lot about nutrition. Always with the mindset that a light Ross is a fast Ross. In the past my focus has always been hills, and going up them as ...

Always Hungry? Eat more protein and fat! You’ll get leaner and you’ll probably ride better too.

I used to be hungry. Always. I assumed this was just a consequence of cycling and trying to stay lean; I was wrong. It was due to my diet. I ate healthy food. That ...

Frank On Food (Part 4: Fats)

‘Fats are for fatties, right? Wrong.’ Dietary fats, called triglycerides, cholesterol and phospholipids when showing off, can be categorised in a variety of ways such as: ...


If you want to, why don’t you?

I’d like to be a better writer. A lot of people who say “I‘d like to be good at XYZ”, rarely mean it. What they mean to say is “I like the idea of being good at XYZ”. There’s ...

A change is as good as a rest

My cycling season is over. Although I would argue that it never began this year! I did manage to compete a little, and even had a few good results. What I’m most happy ...


I’m thrilled to announce that Ange and myself are expecting our first child! We’re 13 weeks in, meaning our due date is April 16, 2016. Everything is looking ...


Food from my feed.