Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

Training for the National Hill Climb Championships 2015

Later this year I will try and ride my bike up a hill as fast as I can. This is a journal of my training efforts in an attempt to break the Top 10 on 25th October.

Designing digital products at his design agency

I'm a co-founder and the senior designer at our awesome little design agency. We're a fully remote team with people and clients spread all over the world.

Ross Malpass

Is a digital designer, and cyclist from the North West of England.

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How To Not Be “One Of Those Annoying Bloody Cyclists!”

(or: let’s all just stop being dicks) Yup, us cyclists are all getting tarred with the same brush. Which is why I make a real effort to be as courteous as I can when ...

Bowen and Emmett Treatments For Cyclists

Two gentle holistic treatments for your aches and pains. Both claim instant results, but do they work? And what do they involve?* I’ll admit that I’m naturally sceptical of ...

Fuse Cycling

Fuse Cycling is a custom wheel building and coaching company owned by a good friend and cycling buddy of mine. He’s an absolutely top bloke, offering an even better ...


Setting A Baseline: My First Test of The Year

Let’s Avoid Overtraining

Design (enjoying a new look)

This morning I finally launched a redesign of the website. The little design agency I co-own with two of my closest friends. The funny thing is, the site has ...


My Porridge Ritual

As a cyclist, I am obliged to have a love of two things: Coffee and Porridge. I’m going to share my personal favourite way of preparing my oats in the morning, but ...

My Go-To Meal The Night Before Training Or Racing

I bet we’ve all got that one meal we’ll eat time and time again the night before a big ride. For me, it’s a simple pasta dish that’s pretty healthy, ...

Banana-bound energy bars recipe

I’ve been working on a recipe for some decent tasting, healthy energy bars that I can pack up and take on the bike with me. I think these pretty much hit the spot. I’ll be ...


Re-designing myself; Please bear with me

On Friday 2nd January, 2015 I started to redesign this website. Motivated by a Tweet I had made earlier in the week that read: Next year I want to read & write more, work ...