My cycling season is over. Although I would argue that it never began this year! I did manage to compete a little, and even had a few good results. What I’m most happy with is the journey I’ve taken and the discoveries I’ve made along the way.

2015 was the rehearsal. 2016 will be the main event.

As the build up to the National Hill Climb progressed I trained hard and ate a consistent and focused diet. With no more immediate events to train for it’s time to relax and allow for small indulgence in my diet.

I’m flying back out to Sweden on the 18th October for a week of intense work. Something I always look forward to doing (although I miss everyone at home during my trips). I won’t be taking my bike this time, meaning a whole week not riding!

This will be my longest time off the bike for about two years!

I’m excited. I’m ready for a bit of a change, and I would like to see more of Stockholm. In the past I’ve ridden each evening after work. Actually, during my previous visits I’ve only seen a small amount of what the amazing city has to offer.

My plan is to walk around and explore a little. I also intend to visit some specialist coffee shops, and search out some climbing gyms.

Bouldering is something I picked up during Winter a few years ago. Sadly it had to take a back seat when training on the bike resumed. It’s tough to fit everything in, and I’ve been itching to give it another go.

So instead of doing core and strength work at home, I’m going to add climbing to my routine over winter. The thought of picking up a new hobby and focussing some energy on a sport other than cycling for a while is extremely motivating.

Cheeky solo #bouldering session at Blackpool. Had the place to myself for an hour and a half.

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With Angela pregnant and unable to ride her horse we’re also planning a number of walks in Lancashire and the Lakes. We had an absolutely awesome day spent walking in Bowland during our anniversary trip and it’s something we’re looking to do way into the future. Together for now, and later with our new arrival.

When I get back from Sweden I will slowly re-introduce some structure to my training with the help of Transition and Jody. However a large part of my cycling for the next few months will simply be going to the shops, or riding to the climbing wall (a 30 mile round trip, so a good over-all workout really).

We already have some goals mapped out, and room for many more. Exciting times ahead. I just want to get outside and have fun. On or off the bike, I don’t mind right now!

I’m interested to hear what others plan to do as we head into Winter.