I’ve been hard at work to make using Segment Ninja as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in version 2.

Over the past week I’ve completely redesigned the app. The first version gave us a feel for the core features we needed to include. The UI worked, but it was extremely clunky. I didn’t feel it fully represented our vision for Segment Ninja and fell short on UX.

For version 2 I went back to the drawing board and sketched out a whole load of design options before landing on something I felt worked. I approached the problem of the UI with myself as the user. How would I like to use SN? What features would I most use? What’s important to me? Normally I would try and put myself in the shoes of my target audience. In this case though… I am the target audience!

In the screencast below I do some pretty cool stuff, which I’ll run through quickly below. I’ve also created a sleek new mobile UI for segment hunting when you’re on the move! It’s a huge improvement over version one and I can’t wait to roll this version out soon.

  • I explore segments local to me. These segments are wind assisted, so it’s easy for me to target a ‪#‎KOM‬ for attempt for the day based on current favourable atmospheric conditions wink emoticon.
  • I view the details of a segment. Including a Streetview capture of the start and end points of the segment. Top 5 leaderboard, and options to export the KOM effort of the segment onto my Garmin to challenge as a virtual partner (basically the new Garmin and Strava Cycling features but on all current EDGE devices (very cool!)).
  • I add some segments to a route planner.
  • I then generate a route. We’ve got a pretty clever algorithm running to create a looped route based on the segments in the route planner.

View a high-resolution video at http://recordit.co/X7XOjmt2Oe

Keep an eye on segmentninja.com for the new UI, and please let me know how you get on with it!