If you’re reading this then it might be safe to assume you’re looking for a no-nonsense review of the top end (at the time of writing) Chapeau! bib shorts; The Pave. This review focuses on the red version which uses a red carbonium pad “suited best for an agressive position on the bike”, but I have found they are almost equally at home keeping you comfortable on those long days in the saddle – tough or easy!

Let’s keep it short shall we? Who’s got time to read some long-winded review sprouting a load of pretentious waffle.

Here’s why these are now my go-to shorts over my Assos;

Thin but functional pad. It’s smaller and thinner than the pad on my Assos shorts but (personally I find it) more comfortable. It doesn’t bunch at all and the “moose knuckle” look of Assos is no where to be seen.
Great use of materials. They’re light weight. Support places that need support and stay in place thanks to the gentle silicone grippers.
Great value for money. These bibs are cheaper than rival brands and perform to the same standards.
In short if you’re in the market for some new bibs you can do much worse than a pair of Chapeau! Pave’s.

I hadn’t really planned on doing a review of these bibs. I don’t usually do this kind of thing but recently I’ve been doing some pretty heavy rides in the Pyrenees and as I was pootling along at a snails pace I thought to myself, “Actually, these Pave shorts are great no matter what I’m doing. Racing, hour long climbs or just bimbling about without any speed” and I highly recommend them.

There aren’t too many reviews that I’ve seen online yet, so why not help get the ball rolling with one of my own?

Also, I believe my Pave’s are the first in the Pyrenees! And so far they’ve been up some very iconic climbs in real style!