This morning I finally launched a redesign of the website. The little design agency I co-own with two of my closest friends.

The funny thing is, the site has been sat finished (as close to finished as these things get) and unused for months. We just never had the time to launch it. This morning I was out walking the dogs and just thought:

“Fuck it, that thing is going live today!”

It took me all of thirty seconds to back-up the old site and deploy the new one. I have no idea why we sat on this for so long! The new site is a huge improvement over the old single-page design we had before.

For anyone who is interested the new site is built using Angular, SaSS, and of course HTML5 &amp CSS3.

I’ve designed and written a couple of case studies that show off some of my design work. Check out the one for travel startup Roomer, and take a look at how we made an app to automagically keep a log of your day called Moments.

It feels absolutely fantastic to finally get this thing out in the open. Even though it’s only a small site a decent amount of work went into the design, content writing, etc… and for a while I feared it would never see the light of day!