Fuse Cycling is a custom wheel building and coaching company owned by a good friend and cycling buddy of mine. He’s an absolutely top bloke, offering an even better service.

In fact Fuse are going to be helping me with my training for the National Hill Climb in October. So you can be sure their experience and advice is something I trust. I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t truly believe in, friend or not.

Primarily Fuse are focussed on hand building gorgeous custom wheels. Both their spec and craftsmanship are second to none for the price. Trust me.

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@FuseCycling on Twitter.
Fuse-Cycling on Facebook.

Check out their Facebook page and Twitter account, and make sure you stay up to date with the current stock and availability. If you’re smart (and I know you are), your next set of wheels will be a shiny new pair of Fuse custom’s.

Mine will be.

I’ve put in an order for a set of super-light racing wheels as part of my birthday present:


  • Carbon
  • 38mm deep
  • 23mm wide


  • Dura Ace 7900 24h/28h


  • Sapim CX Ray


  • 1350g +/-
  • Fuse-b
    Shortly before Christmas I helped Fuse Cycling by designing a logo. We’re now working on some lovely subtle decals to go on the custom wheel builds, and they’re looking fantastic. I can’t wait to get mine out on the road.