I’m incredibly proud to have been involved in the creation of Segment Ninja.

An app that makes discovering segments and interacting with Strava more enjoyable than ever.

Our primary goal is to help riders target segments based on the weather forecast. We take into account wind direction and speed and suggest segments that benefit from a tailwind. It’s an optional filter which can be turned off, making the app a more user-friendly version of the Strava Segment Explore page. We have an advanced filter for climbs and segment length, as well as visual reference points of the start and end locations.

The map also lets you add segments to a Route Planner which will generate a loop linking your chosen segments together. This can be downloaded onto your Garmin device and provide turn-by-turn directions as you ride.

Better yet! You know that new Edge 520 device Garmin just launched. The one with Strava integration and real-time segment reporting? Well guess what?! We can already do that on current models.


3D Visualisation

Another great feature of Segment Ninja is the 3D visualisation of Segments and efforts. Below is Simon Yates absolutely smashing Plateau de Beille!

Join our growing community for updates on the app’s development, and let us know how you get on with it! We’re always interested in hearing thoughts and feedback from riders.

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