Even though I live less than a mile from Lytham Hall (and have done for most of my life), I’ve never set foot in the 78 acre grounds before today!

There was a lot going on for Halloween this afternoon. The place was full of tiny fancy-dress Witches and Ghouls running around on a spooky adventure trail. It looked like great fun! And probably something I’ll find myself doing in the years to come.

As I wandered around taking a few photos and enjoying some Ross time I did have a quick chat with the occasional dog walker. I’d like to head back on a quieter day with our three now. Apparently the place is empty most days, leaving the dogs free to run around in woods and splash in the lake! Monty would love that.

The Hall itself is an interesting building that has obviously seen better days. I didn’t venture into the tea rooms but I’m sure I can be persuaded to have a look if we do go back another time.

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