As a cyclist, I am obliged to have a love of two things: Coffee and Porridge.

I’m going to share my personal favourite way of preparing my oats in the morning, but I’m on a bit of a quest to try and find a method that I love even more. So any suggestions send them my way!

I’ve tried a variety of oats, but I’ve found for a near-perfect balance of taste, texture, and cooking time it’s tough to beat Quaker Rolled Oats. Jordan’s (my favourite brand of cereal bar when I’m on the bike) come close, but they don’t soak up the milk quite as well. If you’ve got time Steel Cut Oats are the best but they really take some commitment for first thing in the morning!

So, here’s my recipe:

Serves 1 359 Calories


  1. Slowly bring the milk and oats to the boil. Stirring continuously.
  2. Reduce the heat to a simmer. Add the Raisins, and Nutmeg to taste (I generally do three good strokes down a box-grater).
  3. Set a timer for four minutes. Continue stirring.
  4. When the timer goes off your porridge should be looking really thick. That’s what you want. Most of the liquid should’ve been absorbed by the oats.
  5. Tip the Porridge into a cold bowl.
  6. Make sure the surface of the porridge is flat, then spoon a good tbsp of Greek Yogurt on top, spread out like the white of a fried egg.
  7. On top of this, pour a tbsp of honey, so it looks like a yolk. You’ve now got what looks like a fried egg on top of your porridge.
    porridge 1‘Porridge like an egg’
  8. You need to let it sit for a while, so the cold bowl cools it from the outside while the yogurt and honey seep down into the milky oats. I take this opportunity to make myself a coffee.
  9. Sit down and stir the porridge to combine everything. It needs a really good stir! When you’re done it should be looking nice and creamy.
  10. ENJOY

porridge 2
Ready to eat.