A walk just outside of Chipping that’s easy to find and navigate. It can be steep and rocky in places, but my pregnant wife and three small dogs had no troubles!

The route we did was four miles but could easily be extended to take in another peak and loop back to the car on the other side of the fell.

Parlick is a popular spot for hang gliders, and as we walk along the base of the fell a group effortlessly ride the thermal currents above us. Like surfers in the sky their fluid movement is calming to watch. I’m sure there must be no other feeling like it.


We make our way up a rocky path, where sheep graze and pheasants…
well, just make noise don’t they?

It’s muddy in places making the cobbles beneath our feet slippery and unpredictable. I’m glad we’re both wearing decent boots. The dogs however, are content leaping (in the case of the boston) and stumbling (the pugs) over any rocks and ledges in our way.

The sheep aren’t troubled by our presence, but the pheasants are having some kind of competition to see who can startle us the most. Why do they insist on flying at you from nowhere?! Screaming at the top of their lungs, only to settle a few feet away. I’m sure just to hide in the grass, lying in wait for the next unsuspecting victim to come along?

IMG_7692 IMG_7690 IMG_7689

The views as we make our way over Parlick and towards Fair Snape Fell are some of the best in Lancashire.

It’s a little overcast today but mother nature still manages to deliver on “wow” factor. The distinctive tree line of Beacon Fell joins us on our hike, slowly moving from our left to directly in front of us as we reach “Paddy’s Pole”.

By this point we’re roughly two miles in. So far it’s all been up hill too.

Time for a snack, I’d say!

IMG_7668 IMG_7688

Now with a belly full of a pie and cake it’s time to head back. The wind picks up, the light begins to fade, and temperature drops as we descend. We decide to retrace our footsteps and do an out-and-back this time.

There are a number of alternate paths to take which would guide us along the other side of Parlick fell before dropping back to the small lane where we’re parked. Maybe we’ll have chance to explore a bit more in the future?


We pass a glider preparing to dance in the sky one last time under a setting sun.

IMG_7686 IMG_7685 IMG_7684