This has been incredibly difficult to keep quiet!

I’ve been working with some of the most talented people in professional cycling on and we’re finally almost ready to launch.

Ahead lies Twelve weeks of structured, personalised, podium-proven training.

Written using key workouts and sessions from their personal training diaries, our pros will give you exclusive access to videos, interviews, and tutorials. Providing you a unique insight to the habits and secrets of World class professional riders.

Each plan is personalised. Before starting a plan you will be asked a few simple questions to assess your level for fitness, experience, and time restraints. Using this we’ll set training zones and compose a plan specifically suited to you as an individual. This isn’t a one-sized-fits-all plan.

To celebrate our launch we’re running a little competition:

Guess which Pro wrote our first training plan?

The winner will receive the first plan absolutely free. Send your answer to Facebook or Twitter.