On Friday 2nd January, 2015 I started to redesign this website. Motivated by a Tweet I had made earlier in the week that read:

As I woke up I realised just saying it was easy, but it would change nothing and I needed to actively do something about it.

That’s why you see this mess in front of you. http://rossmalpass.co.uk is now a labour of love. Something I can design as I go, use as a Sandbox to try new techniques, and a place to practice my writing.

For the foreseeable future things on here will be broken, links will go nowhere, there will be entire pages of nothing and some design decisions just won’t make sense. But I hope to have an awful lot of fun along the way.

My first long-term project is a journal of my 2015 training. There’s plenty more to come I hope, and thanks for taking a look.