I love that pre training feeling.

When you know there’s a job to be done, but you’re unsure how you’ll go that day… You’re lost in your own little world. Where the only thing on your mind is the effort that follows.

And when it’s done; The satisfaction of knowing you gave 100%. ‪You pushed‬ yourself that little further. Progressed that little closer to your ‎goals‬.

There’s nothing else quite like it.
The ‪bicycle is an incredible ‪machine‬.


This week I’ve had two breakthrough rides, so I just wanted to quickly document my excitement and achievements.

  1. I rode Hartside Pass at 5.7w/kg for 20 minutes.
  2. And put out 6.1w/kg for 10 minutes during the same effort.
  3. I did 7.7w/kg for 3 minutes on a short and steep climb I have struggled to put power down on in the past. Beacon Fell – Crumbleholm Road

On top of that I’m feeling strong, full of energy, and highly motivated. I joined a racing team for next season and I’m going to continue training hard and eating well to see just how far I can push myself on the bike.