Today it rained. My socks and shoes are soaked through. I doubt they’ll be dry before tomorrow’s training ride. Dirt. Crud. Grease. All over my bike. All over me.

Today it’s cold. I wore gloves for the first time in months. Arm warmers are essential pieces of kit again. Leg warmers will shortly be added to the dress code.

Today it got dark. I’ve had to put bulky lights on my bars and seat-post. Sigh. Another thing that’ll need charging.

Today it’s winter again.
Today sucked right?

No. Today was great.
Today I rode my bike.


Winter is coming, but why is that a bad thing?

Autumn seems to be the lost season here in Sweden. The weather completing bypassing those crisp fresh mornings we all love. With lush grass gleaming with dewdrops in hazy sunlight. And air so thick you can chew it.

Instead we skipped straight to gloomy evenings with freezing pins of heavy rain. I don’t mind (I have some great winter kit).

Change is good.

Change means my long term goal for the year is almost complete. Change means I can look ahead to different challenges and adventures. Change means something new and exciting.

A break in routine. Longer rides! Hearty meals! More comforting food! Movies! Books! Hot baths! Hot chocolate! You get the idea…

Bring on the cold!
But first please let us have just a bit more Summer…