Wansfell Pike is a challenging start to a great ~6 mile walk; taking in Stock Ghyll waterfalls, Troutbeck, and Skelghyll Woods. I’ll definitely head back again on a day with better visibility, and a less pregnant wife.

A lingering mist would provide brief spells of moody beauty. Which unfortunately meant the opportunity for pictures was sparse today. But! I did my best…

Now we’re in November Angela’s horse (a handsome Appaloosa called JD) has come in from the fields and spends the night in his stables again. This means early starts for us! Getting down to the yard to turn him out by half past six each day.

With JD happily running around the fields we went for a quick stroll with the dogs (as they were staying at home this time), then grabbed breakfast, packed up, and headed out to The Lake District.

Driving past a rather sinister looking Lake Windermere

The great thing about Ambleside is both how accessible it is, and the number of walks you can do right from the town centre.

That, and the cafe’s serving delicious soups and donuts (oh man the donuts!).

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The first half mile of the walk is an easy road climb from Ambleside town centre to Stock Ghyll Waterfalls. It’s a gentle warm up for the main ascent to come. I’m glad we took the time to enjoy it!

The colours of the surrounding woodland at this time of year are just stunning. A crescendo of running water brings with it a sense of anticipation. And as you round a corner the view of the falls doesn’t disappoint. It’s easy to get lost in your own little world here; strange to think just down the road is a bustling town!

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We were climbing for almost an hour in unseasonably warm weather. We’d dressed for November, but as the sun broke through the clouds we found ourselves stripped down to our T-shirts. Wishing we’d worn anything other than jeans.

The higher we got, the thicker the fog until at the summit the hazy sun backlit what should’ve been incredible views of the valleys below with an impossibly beautiful sky of orange and pink hues.

Once we reached Troutbeck the light began to fade. A sense of urgency meant the camera stayed in the pocket from then on as we raced to get back to Ambleside before dark. It was coming up to four o’clock and we were only just past half way!

We made it with only minutes to spare! The shining lights of Ambleside guiding us through the dense wood and rocky descent for the last half a mile. What a day though. I can’t wait to do this route again.

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