A quick snapshot of the gear that gets me through a cold winter training ride. This kit will see me good for up to 5 hours (or ~100 miles) without needing to stop.

The packet of Jelly is a little pro-tip of my good friend Phill’s. They cost about 50p/pack and 3 cubes is roughly the same calories as you would get from an energy gel. Now, they aren’t quite as good but they will definitely get you through a training ride! Total calories in a pack is 400. I’m somewhere between 56 and 57kg and I eat 3 cubes and a Jordans Frusli bar every hour. Jordans on every hour, Jelly on every half hour! Mmm, delicious.

Carrying my tools in a bottle rather than a saddle-bag is another subject I’ve touched on in the past. Although exceptions can be made when you’re doing big miles.