I’ve always done some basic stretching or foam roller work if I’m feeling tight after a tough training session. The roller can be a bit rough though for every day use, and my stretching routine is limited.

I’ve had a bit of an on-going issue with a lazy left leg over the past few months and felt like I needed a little extra help to open up my hips and ease my leg back to life.

That’s why I decided to try out some basic Yoga poses and stretches. I’m impressed with the results and wanted to share the videos I found that work for me.

I never really thought I’d enjoy Yoga. I suppose you just have to give these things a go. A bit like sprouts. People hate sprouts, but why? They’re delicious! Anyway, I’ve found as long as the moves or poses aren’t too powerful basic Yoga is a great way to both relax and aid in the recovery process. An additional benefit is how much work your core does in aiding the moves and poses. A strong core is vital for smooth pedalling and endurance. That might be a topic for discussion in itself in the future.

The routine I do takes somewhere between 30 – 45 minutes. Instantly after finishing I feel great. Nice and loose, with my hips and joints moving noticeably smoother! And my posture (temporarily) improved.


I will continue to add videos I find useful to this page. The most recent at the top.
I really like the video below for an all-round stretch. It’s probably my new favourite but she takes a few minutes to get into it. I’d say listen to what she has to say first watch but then skip to the workout at around 3:30 in the future.

A nice warm up

This is a great little warm-up routine that focuses on loosening the upper body as well as some basic hip work.

15 minutes full-body with a focus on hips

Continues with the overall body theme and adds a little more hip action.

Deep hip openers. My favourite video!

I really feel the benefits of adding this video after I’ve done the 15 minute one above. Especially on a rest day where I have a bit more time.

A few more positions from Training Peaks

Yoga Poses for Endurance Athletes. This has a better explanation of Pigeon Pose than the first video.